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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Comercial Quality Armitage RPG

With extreme humility and great mortification, I discovered that there is already available on line, an adaptation of the BESM game for the Armitage III setting. From the linked website:

"In 2001, Dan Grendell was contracted by Guardians of Orders to write a sourcebook about the Armitage III animes. Like many publishing projects, the book ended up not being printed. However, all is not lost, as fans of Armitage and the BESM game will be able to enjoy much of what would have been in the book here on the web."

The work at this site is substantially complete for the setting. There are character sheets for the main characters in both the OVA series and the Dual-Matrix movie. Also, the distinctive features and powers of the world are represented in the game additions. It would have been a professional package (it still is very professional) but is available on line.

The website also contains more detailed background to the original setting that you can use for the AOBG engine adapted setting that I posted here.

1 comment:

Steve Miller said...

This is a belated thank-you for the kind words about the BESM "Armitage III" adaptation that appears as part of my website!

(BTW, there wasn't a reason to feel humbled or mortified. I've worked on both "official" RPG versions of the Star Wars setting, and I STILL prefer my personal take on the world over anything that's been published.

Anyhoo... thanks again!