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Monday, February 06, 2012

Shadow Squad of Syracuse! Adversaries

In addition to the monsters in Dungeon Squad, here are some additional adversaries for your SSOS! adventuring.

Attack with D4, Adventurers automatically hit one per attack, but they come in swarms
Nanobot Puddle: Eats metal, Can assume any form in a victim's mind, 25 HP

Attack with D6, Adventurers need a 2 or better to hit, travel in packs
Cyber gulls: Blowgun dart D4, 4 HP
Paladin Bikers (Used to raise hell and listen to Metalica.  Now support third world orphans and listen to Antestor): Chain D6, Shiv D4, Leather Armor D4, 8 HP
Sports Fans: Over-sized fan prop,  D4, Beer Bottle d4, 4 HP

Attack with D8, Adventurers need a 4 or better to hit.
CRUD (Cannibalistic Retrograde Under-Dwellers): Nails D6, Bite D8, Infection D4 per turn for D6 turns, 8 HP, Characters turn into CRUD if HP goes down to 3 or less and they fail a average vs TUF check.

Attack with D10, Adventurers need a 6 or better to hit.
Killa Grrlbot with a Soul: Carries weapons, cybernetically interface with networks d12, 20 HP on skeletal mainframe, 10 HP on flesh overlay (which are taken off like armor).
Replicant: Hands D8, Armor D8, eye laser D10, 15 HP
Full Combat Android: Hands D8, Weapon from the Future D8, Hand held Gatling Gun D12, natural armor D6, 30 HP

Attack with D12, Adventurers need an 8 or better to hit.
Giant Cephalapod: Tentacle touch attack D10, Projectile Bile D12, natural armor D10, 60 HP, Characters must resist insanity (hard vs. ATN)
Autonomous Anti-Personnel Stilt Tank : Gatling Guns D10, Missles (3) D12, Armor D12, 60 HP