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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Special Post for "ScottyCon".

This post is a birthday present for my friend Scotty, who is having a special personal Gaming Convention coming up soon for his birthday at the beginning of the most depressing time of life, middle age.  When he is having his home based convention, I will be attending ARCON XI at SUNY Oswego with the Story Teller's Guild, a college coterie devoted to gaming, and running a Villains & Vigilantes game in my Dark Age Superhero campaign setting "Shadows of Syracuse".

To give Scotty a pertinent gift, I know home made gifts are most appreciated.  So this is meant to be several home brewed RPG links for his perusage, from this site, in one place.  I hope he can piece togather something entertaining. Happy ScottyCon, Scotty!

A "Pick Your Own Ending" Adventure (sort of)

Pulp in the Cup

Pulp in the Cards

A Review of the Armitage franchise

Armitage the Third: Doujin RPG

Armitage Encounter Deck

Fairyland Diner: The RPG

Fairyland Diner: Character Creation

Original Dungeon Squad Download  (Not a game I made but you need it for the remaining links.)

Shadow Squad of Syracuse: Part I

Shadow Squad of Syracuse: Part II

Shadow Squad of Syracuse: Part III

I hope that you will taste the love that only comes from receiving personal craft work of conspicuously poor quality from friends.  Thanks again for Jackson this year.  Happy Birthday, John