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Friday, February 29, 2008

Thank you, Story Teller's Guild, SUNY Oswego

This is a bit over due but last weekend I was able to attend a pre-conference in Oswego, New York at SUNY campus hosted by the Storyteller's Guild student association there. Every spring this guild hists a massive game and anime convention and this was an opportunity to try things out before hand. I was able to play test a pick up game of "Pulp in the Cup", using the "Ghost in the Shell" TV franchise as the setting. Much to my delight, we had a group that was a great group of role-players and we had a very satisfying experience that seemed to work well. This is helping me with my "Play-By-Facebook" Pulp in a Cup campaign.

For the con though, I will be running an adventure that combines the HackMaster with Gygax's "Oriental Adventures" and set in the Tokugawa Period of Japan. It will be a case of Kurosawa meets "Ninja Scroll" (with a little Phillip K. Dick (?) because - er, because- because I can't help myself).

I just want to bear witness that the Storyteller's Guild is an extremely well run and responsible organization and to say thanks for providing a great environment in which to game.

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