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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

From "LAME-O" to "Pulp in a Cup!"

First, LAME-O is hereby baptized with a new and less self-depreciating working moniker.

From now, LAME-O will be redesignated "Pulp in a Cup!". The name captures the self-contained aspect in the rules in that you can take up the whole mechanism as you would a cup of dice. Further, it captures the "go anywhere" aspect of the game and that it is basically designed for pick-up gaming situations. It also captures the feature of the rules that make them most fit for mid-level powered hero games, like pulp fiction based games. Finally, it captures the relatively unserious feature of this game compared to a full rule set RPG and also that one must have a comic sensibility to appreciate and incorporate some of the extreme results of the mechanism.

Second, um, I'm going to go back to "1st edition rules", plus suggestions. There is simply no beating the basic simplicity of the game. So I am going to redo the 2nd edition post.

Third, among the suggestions, I am adding a suggestion for incorporating more flexibility for degrees of difficulty, if the GM thinks its unavoidable.

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