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Friday, December 14, 2007

Maybe Switching from Fred to Mitt.

Okay, I concede the point, not necessarily reluctantly. But while Fred has been clear and has run an excellent campaign by addressing issues in a substantial way and showing that political conservativism is a defensible position with real consequences for policy (and not a reactionary knee jerk belligerent form of ignorance), he is not the candidate with the greatest amount of relevant experience who holds such views. Fred and Mitt are comprehensive in their appreciation of conservative policy on economic, social, and national security issues. And Mitt's religion speech proves that he gets the relation between faith and politics right as well as being an articulate statement of the view. So that the relevant difference between them is the amount of executive experience. Only Guiliani competes with Mitt here but he is clearly tone deaf to social issues and that will bleed over into his radar for picking judges, no matter what he promises.

One thing that bothers me is RomneyCare, which does not seem to either work or fit with free market or marginally sufficiently sized government solutions and the ink on that is still pretty fresh. I guess it may too much to hope for a Mitt/Fred ticket.

Actually, it looks like Fred may be on his last legs. I will stick with Fred for loyalty's sake and send him some cash and wait and see how he holds up through the Iowa caucus. If Fred is out, I am definitely switching to Mitt and not to Huck.

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