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Monday, November 12, 2007

Joining the Fred blog role.

I, the Gnu, am committing the existential leap of supporting a candidate with my blog. That is, it's my project, not the rajmeister's.

Why Fred? Let me say, with William James that I am deciding this passionally rather that intellectually. That is my reasons become exhausted at not caring for the democratic candidates and thinking that it is better to be involved per se than not involved. It would be reasonable to elect any of the Republican front runners to me but to be suspended over this and wait until after the primaries would be detrimental to the republican chances next year which are already slim. And Iraq is too important to not take a view on.

So why Fred? He is certainly scores high on social conservative values without being closed minded to policy or politically savvy judgment. He is a National Review type conservative and the one of the batch that is most like that. I hope he wins but even if he doesn't he could still keep the public debate focused on the right issues.

So; Go, Fred, go!!


Mark said...

huh, I thought you were a Kucinich man...

The Gnu said...

I am barely a fred guy.