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Thursday, January 19, 2006

E-mails from a philosopher: Part III

Dearest Gnu,

My paper on Russell is attached here (Note: I did not include her paper in this post – the Gnu). Throughout the paper I use abbreviations for several of Russell's writings. There is a list, at the end, before the References section, of what each abbreviation stands for. (This paper is probably the best thing I have written so far; yet it still is a draft. These days one of my projects is to read it through again, to revise it stylistically, and to shorten it. When that's done I'll turn it in as an area paper, and maybe submit it for publication at the same time.)

I think it is time for me to remain quiet for a while and keep on reading the Bible, and do the other things you advised. If you don't hear from me for a little while, I wouldn't want you to think that I am being lazy with my search. On the contary. I will write again later.

Oh, I should mention: Mr. Smith knows about my current situation, and he also knows that I have come to you for help. I don't tell him every detail of what goes on in my head or what you tell me, but I share some. I certainly don't tell him anything personal to you, and as to my personal side--I decide as I go. So, should you run into Mr. Smith in my absence, you can, if it comes up at all, comfortably speak about our correspondence (as far as I'm concerned). You probably wouldn't see the need to do it anyway, but I'm just mentioning this so you know that Mr. Smith knows that I correspond with you, that's all.

Like I said, I'll write again later. Meanwhile, peace be with you.


Mrs. Smith

> Mrs. Smith,

> Sounds real good to me. I'll just leave it in God's hands and in the hands of the Great Metaphysical Lottery. Some penultimate suggestions, you might want to read "God and the Philosophers" ed. Tom Morris and "Philosophers who Believe" ed. Kelly Clark. And also, you might want to look at some general sketches of essential Christian belief (Gospel presentations, tracts) that are aimed at the general public to see what such a thing might look like.

I hate even giving the impression of putting anybody under any kind of pressure but I would feel remiss in my duties having come so far if I had not at least brought some basic outlines to you attention. But having done that, I won't develop this further unless you want to do so. As John Calvin would say, "Good Luck!".

The Gnu

The exchange continues here

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