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Friday, December 02, 2005

Grab your dice!

Its not that hard to find free games on the net (see link). I tend to be fascinated with RPG rules systems so I like to explore the mechanics. But I decided to go ahead and link the free RPGs that I've found with some real street cred (see sidebar), hopefully to make it easier for people to act on the mood of trying to organize a game with few resources. Most of the games can support most any genre and they are all well supported themselves. "Brickquest" is specific but is designed to help use something around the house for miniture gaming. The systems span the continuum of play complexity. Some just require six-sided dice.

Paul Czege's "Nicotine Girls" is highly reviewed and brilliant. Czege's work is valuable for getting you to rethink the possibilities of RPG design. Be sure to look at his other work.

What's your excuse now? Grab some dice and play!

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