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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Question from BadgerMum: "Dear Dr. Gnu"

The BadgerMum asks: " You spend time in role-playing games. Would you ever consider acting as a career?"

Actually, roleplaying has revealed to me that one of my weakest traits as a roleplayer is getting into character. So I think that one of the excellent opportunities that RPGs provide me is a chance to roleplay more convincingly. So far though, my style seems to me to be quite wooden.

I think I sometimes display some good qualities of acting in serendipitous and spontaneous moments -- the same as when I write. But the difficulty is doing so soberly and on command. That's what is hard. I have some skill at imitation and the use of alternate voices -- which serves well when I tell certain jokes or read stories to kids.

Would I consider acting as a career? I think that would be wonderful. I'm such a big consummer of movies and there are certain actors who inspire me. I am particularly impressed with James Fox, who played the victemized royal in "Patriot Games" but had a more substantial role in "Passage to India". Here is a person who was an actor and when he became a Christian, he quit acting to do missionary service. But in his Christian convictions, he decided to return to acting, knowing full well the pressures he woyuld be under. He wrote a book about this called "Comeback".

Acting would definitely be fun but what I would really have hoped to do is writie and direct.

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