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Thursday, April 29, 2004

R.C. Sproul: The Wittenburg Door interview

A great opportunity to discover Sproul's effectiveness as a teacher, will taking a few potshots at him. It includes his response to the question "Can a Semi-pelagian or Arminian be a Christian?" (He says yes and explains how.)

An excerpt:
SPROUL: I believe everything that I believe, and I believe that everything I believe is correct. Let's say, as Calvin said, that no theologian is ever more than 80 percent right. I'm certain that any theologian believes 100 percent of what they teach, and if they knew where their 20 percent was, they'd change it. I don't know where my errors are, or I'd correct them.
DOOR: And Calvin's 80-20 estimate could've been part of his 20-percent error.

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