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Friday, April 25, 2003

LAME-O, the Ludicrously Attenuated 'Magination Engine Optator!

Okay, here is my universal absolutely free RPG idea that I know everyone else already thought of. There are basicly two rules:

Rule 1: Avoid dice rolls!

All players creatively conceive and communicate their characters and their specific actions in the game narrative and the Game Master conceives and communicates the world setting and specific situations in enough detail such that the resolution of player actions is clearly indicated by the logic of the story.

Rule 2: Roll the dice!

If there is no clear outcome even after detailed exposition, this means that the opposing forces in the story are fairly evenly matched. If so, use the following die mechanic. Every time it comes down to a dice role, the player rolls 3D6 and 1D20 in one throw. If the result on the D20 is greater than the result from the 3D6, the players action was a success. ("20" is a critical success, which means the GM determines some further good result for the player at the GM's discretion. "1" is a critical failure, which means the GM determines some further adverse consequence for the player.) In opposed action rolls, the comparative quality of success is determined by the differences between the D20 result and the 3D6 result of each contestant.

You can find some free real RPGs right here.

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